Fakultas Ilmu Komunikasi - Desain Komunikasi Visual, KOMPOSISI Vol. 1 No. 1, Januari 2014 (Views: 1185)
Ferdinand Apriel Gulo
To become a comic artist in our own contry, many of the young artist havenít been too ready to plunge into the world of comics that do not guarantee a large income and fixed. Aside from his own comics publisher was not much focus on local comics. Apathy towards the develpoment of Indonesiaís coic makes publisher reluctant to release funds because purchasers are considered to be still a little, resulting in less profitable. Look at the number of children who prefer to carry a gadget tahn a comic book, therefore needs to get efforts development comic to attract attention children. Cinematic Comic is comic which the story of images that ara not moving and arranged in a row. Any figure usually represent one scene of the story. Images are served successively it will form entire story that can be perceptible by readers an the term of cinematic itself is the technical aspects in the shaper of a movie. Cinematic Comic trying to revive the comic world of Indonesia shaped media practical that can be enjoyed through smarthphone be a trend particularly in children or also through the PC.
Kata kunci: Comic Cinematic, Golden Cucumber, Illustration
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