Fakultas Ilmu Komunikasi - Ilmu Komunikasi, SIMULACRUM Vol. 1 No. 1, Januari 2014 (Views: 1127)
Allinta Kadirya
Crisis management is an acute disease that is difficult to be restored or healed. Even in everyday life, management companies or organizations can not escape from the crises it faces. But with the management measures (management) appropriate crisis, the crisis could be an opportunity to become better. Crisis in Bank Indonesia after the passing of Law Financial Services Authority (OJK) is an organizational crisis. That means the bank supervisory functions that have been conducted by Bank Indonesia will move to the OJK, Bank Indonesia will result overstaffed and the excess is not small. The purpose of this study was to determine the public relations crisis management strategy and identify the role of Bank Indonesia in managing public relations crisis after the passing of Act OJK. In the case of crisis management PR Bank Indonesia uses the concept of crisis management that has to cope with the crisis so that the crisis is not more widespread. Theory used in this study is the theory of public relations, crisis and crisis management. The type used in this study is descriptive qualitative research using case studies. Descriptive type used to describe the strategy of crisis management carried out by the Public Relations of Bank Indonesia to resolve the crisis. Data collection methods that researchers use is through interviews with sources, observation and documentary. From interviews, observation and documentary, it can be concluded that the crisis management measures after the passing of Act OJK is to establish a crisis management team and work closely with Departments to perform crisis communications, hierarchy, repositioned between the employee (mutation), specify the people who will be assigned in the OJK, prepare a variety of matters relating to the transfer of oversight functions of the bank to do the designing organization OJK and post-OJK Bank Indonesia and the improvement of human resource management system of Bank Indonesia.
Kata kunci: Crisis, Crisis Management, Public Relations Of Bank Indonesia
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