Fakultas Ilmu Komunikasi - Ilmu Komunikasi, SIMULACRUM Vol. 1 No. 1, Januari 2014 (Views: 991)
Fajriano Ramadiandra
This study shows about what are the creative strategies by the advertising agency, BBDO Komunika, in TVC Anmum Materna Vanilla Mango ad. Anmum Materna Vanilla Mango is a milk product for pregnant women. Problem of nausea and vomiting usually occurs in the first trimester of pregnancy, due to the increasing of estrogen hormones, immunologic reactions, and also psychological factors toward pregnant women. Anmum Materna Vanilla Mango comes with bringing the benefits of the nutrients in the milk, with fresh flavors of mango, which is useful for relieving nausea and vomiting. This study uses qualitative methodology with descriptive research. The author focuses on what are the creative strategies used in the ad. While the methods of collecting primary data obtained through the full observation of the object under study with the results of interviews and field observations during the making of the TV ads. While the secondary data obtained through reference books, company profile and documentation that obtained through advertising agency, BBDO Komunika, where the author works and does the research. In this study, author concludes that the initial strategy used is the Unique Selling Point and manner of presentation techniques used in the creative team of BBDO Komunika in this TVC Anmum Matern Mango Vanilla ad, using testimonials and demonstration, Anmum Materna Vanilla Mango Ads also appeal presents two combination the rational and emotional. The attraction in question is rationally explain the advantages of Anmum Materna Vanilla Mango which does not cause nausea and nutrient-rich milk is different from other pregnancy. Besides the theory used is the formula AIDCA which is the attention, interest, desire, conviction, and action.
Kata kunci: Creative Strategy, TVC Anmum Materna Vanilla Mango Ad
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