Fakultas Ilmu Komunikasi - Magister Ilmu Komunikasi, GELANGGANG Vol. 2 No. 1, Januari 2015 (Views: 619)
Yohanes Eko Wahyu Ardiyanto
This research intends to find out how Prabowo Subianto the presidential candidate for the Gerindra party during the 2014 elections used twitter to bolster his political image This research uses a critical paradigm based on a qualitative and analytical research that s oriented towards a critical discourse like those used by Theo van Leeuwen and Norman Fairclough The theory behind this research is based on Jean Baudrillard s image theory which are tied with the Theory of political image and theories on New Media My research showed that Prabowo wants to present himself as a responsible leader a firm hard worker and a law abiding citizen He also set out to show that he will hold no grudges and be a rational leader However the research managed to find that twitter is limited at best because the social media only gave words for scope not actions My research also managed to find the intertextuality between Prabowo s twitter and the film Sang Patriot
Kata kunci: Critical Discourse Analysis, Imaging, Twitter, Campaign, Prabowo
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